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This course will provide you with a comprehensive guide to protect your workplace from cyber crimes like Identity Theft.

Information is the new currency.  Businesses maintain a wealth of information from employees, customer, and vendors.   Criminals are always looking for means of stealing company data.

This course is approved by NICCS, National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and CLE credits on Identity Theft in the workplace.  You will learn how to protect your business from the fastest growing crime in America.

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Mack Jackson Jr

Mack Jackson Jr

Cyber Security Awareness Professor

 Mack Jackson Jr.  is a recognized expert on Internet security systems and compliance. He brings increased awareness to his audiences and communicates the importance of security measures in protecting your business. Mack will show you how to improve your security plan and avoid fines and penalties. He will inspire you to protect your customer’s personal identifiable information and his ability to make complicated information clear and understandable will help you get the results.

Since 1984, Mack Jackson, Jr. has presented programs worldwide on software programmer, Identity Theft consulting, accounting software, cyber crimes and security compliance. Mack has consulted as a professional witness in civil cases regarding software system fraud and software contracts.

His background is in Cyber Law, Cyber Security, Anti-Money Laundering and Identity Theft.

Mack Jackson Jr. is a graduate of Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego with a Masters degree in Law (J.S.M). Mack is certified in anti-money laundering consulting, risk management and international cyber crime security.

With the increase in cyber crimes of identity theft, Mack understands this issue and he has worked with leading privacy companies and technology associations to protect your personal identifiable information from one of the fastest growing sources of identity fraud.

Now with a background in computer technology and a master’s degree in law, Mack has developed a program to help individuals and companies protect themselves from identity theft and fraud. Mack is also a college professor. He delivers a positive and passionate presentation that discusses this serious issue with humor and information that you can use in your business.

“Knowledge is Power, we need to be aware of our rights and protect our privacy…” –Mack Jackson Jr.

Course Contents

11 Videos

1 Quiz

2 Texts


11 Presentations